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Living from the heart

NHI® is a self-consciousness platform that will help you grow on several areas of life that makes you human and encourages you to live from the heart. Your heart is the gateway to a higher level of consciousness, which illuminates love and wisdom. If you start following your heart, your world will be more about giving than taking, thus you will then contribute to a positive and compassionate world. Now, more than ever we need love, compassion and kindness to heal the planet and connect with other human beings. 



Learning is an infinite journey - it's a lifelong adventure. Traditional learning systems however, don't teach you happiness, how to have a meaningful life, how to gain wisdom, how to develop stronger interpersonal atttributes or how to become a good contributing member of the human race. It rarely does a good job in helping us grow in all these other areas that makes us human.



NHI® provides you with tools, wisdom and mentorship that will guide you in your evolutionary journey as a human being. Always remember, everyone is participating as a student in a class of the 'School of Life'. No matter where you are in your trajectory in life, keep learning and evolving.

- Nhi